A Greener Tokyo

Finding gardens and softness in Tokyo. Drawing and sketching and enjoying nature.

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Nagoya, the Leeds of Japan

“Full moon over Nagoya”. A city that is like Leeds in Japan. With lanterns. Apart, that is, from the amazing Yamaha instrument shop with 8 floors. Some instruments have never been seen in the UK. Never have so many models of ukelele been present under one roof. Also a £600 ocarina. 86% of the the […]

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Another Journey

OK so everything is packed – art materials in and a few bits of clothing around the edges to stop them sliding around. Japan here I come – follow along to see daily sketches or collages or paintings or whatever comes out. You can sign up to follow each day, or join me on social […]

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Leaving Riyadh.

So Riyadh is nearly behind me. Heat, sand in the air and covering myself in a black abaya might be the down sides, but on the other hand there are many pluses. The temperature was about 43 – 49 degrees this week and it didn’t get cooler at night either. We agreed though that, as […]

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Wadi Hanefah

One of the most common birds here in Saudi is the white eared bulbul … a little larger than a blue tit. They abound in the gardens and squabble noisily from 3.50am prayer time onwards. Here is my #collageaday2018 with watercolour for today. This evening a trip to the Wadi (valley, channel) Hanefah just outside […]

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Bird Love

Anyone who knows me will not be surprised when I say how much I like birds. They appear in many of my paintings. One of my favourite, apart from the dove, is the hoopoe. He is sometimes to be seen in southern areas of the UK but they proliferate here in Saudi Arabia. Very shy, […]

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